The Stephen And Terri Ulrich Fund

by Ashley Zilka on December 15, 2010 at 11:23 am

A local couple is changing the lives for many residents of Perry County.

Dr. Steve and Terri Ulrich announced the creation of The Steve and Terri Ulrich Scholarship Fund for residents of Perry County who commit to serving the area as medical or mental health professionals.  Dr. Ulrich says their main purpose is to help the community of Perry County have the proper health care that they need.

"This fund is being established to help and encourage other young people, particularly from our community, who have an interest in health care but have sometimes limited financial resources to assist them and their studies in return for coming to help us make our community a healthier place to live," said Dr. Ulrich. 

The couple’s commitment to providing rural people of limited means with modern medical care came from Dr. Ulrich’s small town, a town that shared many characteristics of Perry County.  The Ulrich’s say they hope their legacy of care can live on.

"As we get older and look back at what we have done, we realize that we at some point will have to retire and move on. Its our way of trying to continue that process of providing health care to under served communities," said Dr. Ulrich. 

To seed the fund, the Ulrich’s contributed 5,000 dollars.  Now both of them are asking people of the community to donate whatever they can.  If you would like to make a donation, you can call The Muskingum County Community Foundation at (740) 453-5192.