Winterizing Zanesville

by Brittany Harris on December 14, 2010 at 6:41 am

Zanesville is preparing for winter and offering a few reminders to residents.

Public Service Director Mike Sims said the city has appropriated enough in its budget to have salt available for the remainder of the year. He said they are contracted with the Department of Transportation for next year and doesn’t foresee any issues of running out.

He said the crews have to be ready to clear roadways at any time.

"We always start with the main routes first, the most heavily traveled and then work our way into the area of minor streets and the neighborhoods with the alleys last."

The city has six plows that are assigned to take care of each ward. Sims recommends that when the weather gets bad, those who are parked on the streets move their vehicles into driveways and alleys to prevent being plowed in.

"If you park on the street, expect that you will get plowed in on occasion, if there’s a ten inch snow, there’s no where to put it, and we do not clean private sidewalks or driveways, it is the responsibility of property owners to maintain their property."

He also reminds residents that pot holes can only be temporarily fixed due to the snow and asks that everyone be patient as they work to fill them in.