Zanesville Board Approves New Teacher Contract

by Mark Bullion on December 15, 2010 at 8:59 am

The Zanesville Board of Education has approved a new three year contract for teachers.

The contract means a 2.5 percent pay increase beginning the second pay period January of next year. The raise is a one time increase with no raises during the remaining two years. But more money also means more work for teachers.

"With that comes the expectation of enhanced performance and more professional growth, " says Zanesville Superintendent Terry Martin.

Part of that performance and growth will be ensuring all teachers undergo specific training.

"Well we’re working with the Ohio Improvement Process right now a lot and with the state support team and one thing were working on is a district wide teaching language which is the Marzano training and every teacher we have will be undergoing that for three years. "

Martin says the new training will overall help improve test scores district wide.

Also, at the meeting the board announced concrete work at the Zanesville High School parking lot will likely not be completed until next spring.