Zanesville Civic Chorus and Orchestra

by Ashley Zilka on December 12, 2010 at 9:43 am

Handel’s "Messiah" performance creates huge success. 

The Zanesville Civic Chorus and Orchestra presented Handel’s "Messiah" tonight at Central Trinity United Methodist Church.  This year marked the 81st annual presentation in Zanesville sponsored by the Thursday Music Club.  Conductor James McLaughlin says most of his performers are from Zanesville while others come back for this special night.

"Lutz, plays for the Columbus Symphony so he did Nutcracker this afternoon at the Ohio theater and came back here playing timpani tonight for us with our Messiah," said McLaughlin.

The Thursday Music Club funded the concert entirely which cost over 7,000 dollars.  And during tonight’s performance, a freewill offering was taken for Eastside Community Ministry.  McLaughlin says he hoped this performance made people eager for the holiday season.

"This group is a way to center yourself for Christmas; there is so much hustle and bustle. The comments I will probably hear at the end of the night are now I am ready for Christmas. From audience and performers, I will hear the same kind of comment," said McLaughlin. 

To make a donation to the Thursday Music Club, you can contact the music director at 740-452-3241.