Zanesville High School Parking

by Ashley Zilka on December 13, 2010 at 6:38 am

The Zanesville High School Boys Basketball Team kicks off their home opener tomorrow night.

With the Blue Devils first home game approaching, Coach Scott Aronhalt wants to make sure people are aware of the current parking situation.  Police officers will be at various parking locations assisting the public.  Aronhalt says that there are still a lot of parking options despite the current construction.  Church parking, general parking, "west parking" and weight room parking are some of the many options available. 

"Another reminder that we do charge to park here at Zanesville High School. We have to do that during the regular season because we are a tournament host, and to be able to charge during the tournaments, that also must be done during the regular season," said Aronhalt. 

Eventhough fans may be inconvenienced, Aronhalt says that won’t stop the Blue Devils from having a great turnout.

"I think there is a lot of excitement of the people who want to see the new facility. I think you know the minor parking problems that we have I think will definitely be overshadowed with the beauty of the facility itself," said Aronhalt. 

The Varsity Boys Team plays against Westerville Central at 7:30 PM tomorrow night.