ZPD Budget Issues

by Brittany Harris on December 17, 2010 at 6:20 am

The Zanesville Police Department is struggling to make ends meet as they deal with budget constraints by the city.

City Council is currently battling a nearly $500,000 budget deficit, impacting many departments. Police Chief Eric Lambes said they had to deal with the same problems last year, but now the idea of furlough days is being tossed around, which could adversely affect the community.  

"It’s not only aggravating to me, but to the officers too because there’s so much that we could be doing, but you know, we understand that we have to live within our budget," he said.

Chief Lambes said the police department hasn’t suffered too much compared to other cities, which he says he’s fortunate for. He said they are currently down four patrolmen and is unsure when they will be able to hire more.

"Now we’re just trying to keep a lid on things and manage and it’s unfortunate that we have to do that, we understand that we’re not alone in this problem," he said.

The administration is planning to meet with unions in hopes of reaching a compromise on the potential furlough days. City Council will be making a temporary decision on the proposed budget for 2011 on December 27th.