211 Service a Major Success for 2010

by Mark Bullion on January 14, 2011 at 5:59 am

The 211 information call service in Southeast Ohio is becoming a major success month by month.

The 211 service is an information and referral center for residents of Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan counties. They handle everything from inquiries about food pantries, utility assistance, health, furniture, and appliance information with calls last year totaling 12,128.

"That’s kind of exciting for us to see that people are calling in and most of the time when people call in, they need referrals to agencies or organizations or areas where they need a referral somewhere they can have a need met," says Audrey Foster, 211 Call Center Manager.

While the majority of calls this past year came in from Muskingum county, Foster says this year, they would like to focus on other counties.

"We see for 2011, we’d really like to focus in on fine tuning our outreach to Morgan and Perry county, really networking with their agencies and organizations to see what kind of key resources would be available in those counties."

If you have a question, need a referral, or just as simple as a phone number, and you live in Muskingum, Perry, or Morgan county, all you have to do is dial 211.