Can’t Stop the Inevitable Water Main Breaks

by Ashley Zilka on January 20, 2011 at 6:47 am

The Zanesville City Water Maintenance Department is ready to handle water main breaks that are bound to happen this winter season.

Water main breaks are becoming more and more common in Zanesville and with the winter season in full force, along with old infrastructure, Public Service Director Mike Sims says there is no way to stop the inevitable.

"We totaled, as we are looking at our end of the year reports from each division, we had 240 water breaks this year that we responded to and repaired with our own crews compared to 2009, where we had 199. In 2008, we had 169, so we had a dramatic increase in the last three years," said Sims. 

Sims says water main breaks are common in the winter because there are freezing and thawing cycles that shift the ground which can break the pipes.  He says there is no way to really prevent situations like this from happening, but he does encourage residents to recognize the causes.

"With the severe low temperatures that are coming, we will see more problems with frozen meters and unheated basements that result in frozen pipes and broken meters," said Sims.

The city has already had 10 water main breaks since January 1st.