Community Ambulance Service Takes on the Winter Weather

by Ashley Zilka on January 21, 2011 at 5:24 am

With the help of other local agencies, Community Ambulance Service is overcoming obstacles despite the winter weather.

In preparation for winter storms, Director of Operations Phil Koster says the ambulance service brings in additional resources because they realize there will be an increase in emergency calls in regards to car accidents.  They also have to keep in mind that it will take longer to get to people who live in remote areas, so the additional staff and ambulances make up for these obstacles that they face. Koster also reminds the public that they can help.

"We always ask, first of all, with the snow falling, it’s really hard to read addresses on houses and mailboxes, especially at night, if anytime we are responding to your house for any reason, if you turn on your porch light that really helps us indicate that’s the house we are going to if we really can’t read the markers," said Koster. 

Before the storm hits, Koster says they deploy ambulances in remote areas so they can be in a better position from the start.  When they do reach the patient, it is always important to keep patients warm in winter storms.

"This year, we started using cot quilts, and basically it’s a device to really envelop the patient in blankets and also protect them from the wind. Just like when you are at home, if you really want to keep warm, you wrap yourself up rather than just lay something over top of you and that’s just another step that we have taken to really do what we can to keep the patient as warm as possible," said Koster. 

Koster also reminds the public that if you are stuck and can’t drive, no matter how minor the situation is, you can always call 911 and they will respond.