Community Supports a Fellow Veteran and Biker

by Ashley Zilka on January 8, 2011 at 6:44 am

The community supports a fellow veteran and biker tonight at A Benefit for Brandon.

After getting seriously injured in an ammunition dump explosion in Iraq, Brandon received The Purple Heart. But Brandon’s hardship did not end there, this past October, he was in a motorcycle accident in Crooksville causing him to have five surgeries. Brandon’s girlfriend Shelly says she thanks the community for coming out tonight to Old Licking View School and supporting Brandon with their donations.

"He is a wonderful person and he’s good to everybody that he comes in contact with. We appreciate everything that everybody is doing," said Shelly Barnett. 

Brandon’s mother Kelly says after she was interviewed on WHIZ last week, her phone has been ringing nonstop with people who want to help Brandon. She says she is extremely thankful for the community’s generosity and support.

"He got here tonight and everybody stood up and clapped for him. That is awesome. It shows me that the community, no matter what happens to someone, they are here for them, no matter what it is that is needed; they are ready to help anybody," said Kelly Salisbury. 

If you could not make the benefit tonight, and would still like to donate, you can call Kelly Salisbury at (740) 408-3658 or go to any of your local Huntington Banks where there is an account set up for Brandon.