Nichole Hannahs

County Commissioners Begin New Year

by Nichole Hannahs on January 4, 2011 at 4:26 am

The new year means changes at the Muskingum County Commissioners Office.

Not only is there a new member to the staff in Jim Porter, but the commissioners are looking at a tight budget in the upcoming year. Commissioner Brian Hill said that they have a projected budget of $33 million but it’s predicted they’ll actually have $28 million to work with this year.

"They’ll have to be cuts," explained Hill. "It’s rather if it affects people directly or not that’s to be determined. They’ll be less revenue than 2010 so they’ll be less money going out to departments than there was last year as far as the general fund."

The county is also finishing work on sewer projects started in 2010 and residents in the Old Falls area will be able to hook up to the line soon. Several other projects are in place as well.

"We’ll be working on some water projects," said Hill. "We’ve applied for a CDBG grant for the Mount Sterling water area. We hope to have an answer on that in the next week and then we hope that can be a project we bid in 2011."

Hill said having a new member of the staff should be an asset.

"It’s a chance for new ideas and things that we’ve looked at in the past we may look at differently now. I think it’s a new opportunity," said Hill.

Commissioners said they should have the final carryover numbers from 2010 on Thursday and the final budget will be in place by February.