Nichole Hannahs

Creative Way to Donate

by Nichole Hannahs on January 6, 2011 at 2:46 am

Around 20 students, spent more than 26 hours putting together 1,000 coupon books for a local service organization.

The coupon books from Christ’s Table mimic payment books like the ones used for loan repayment. The hope is that people will use these booklets as a way to remember to give to an organization that helps fill the stomachs of many needy in our area.

"It’s difficult to budget because other than our monthly income from the United Way we don’t know what donations are coming in and at what time of the month," explained Executive Director Keely Warden. "We’re hoping it will give us a lot better judgment on what’s coming in and when. We can budget a little better."

Students at Foxfire helped to put together the booklets and prepare them for mailing. All students must fulfill a community service requirement to graduate.

"They’re wonderful," exclaimed Caribeth Legats. "They are so proud to be able to do something neat for somebody else. We’re delighted to have them and we’re able to give to them too."

"I know a lot of the people that volunteer down there," said student Haley Nelson when asked why she took part in the project. "I personally like the Christ’s Table because a lot of my family like to eat down there and a lot of my family volunteer there. Christ’s Table is a pretty cool place."

Warden said the coupon books will be mailed to past donors to the organization and some new prospects.