Dogs Showcase their Talent

by Ashley Zilka on January 2, 2011 at 9:23 am

Hundreds of dogs showcased their talent by competing in an agility competition at the Fieldhouse this weekend.

The Parkersburg Obedience Training Club held an agility competition where dogs showed their talents by jumping, weaving, and balancing against a pre-set course time.  Trial Secretary Glenn Rawsky says the competition not only allows trainers to showcase what their dogs have achieved, but also how the event benefits the Zanesville community.

"It also provides opportunities for our students and for other local competitors to have trials nearby instead of having to travel so far away," said Rawsky. 

Trainer Jennifer Crank says she has participated in agility trials since 1993.  For this particular trial, she showed four dogs.  Crank has made it as far as the AKC USA World Team; a team which selects 12 people from the United States to compete in Europe each year.

"I have made that team 4 different times with two different dogs. Guess has been on the team 3 times and I was on the team with a Sheltie named Blaster as well, so I have been to Italy, Switzerland, Norway, and Austria," said Crank. 

Rawsky says prizes for the event are handed out to both trainers and dogs.  Some of these prizes include ribbons, dog toys, and of course…dog biscuits.