Family Wakes Up to “War Zone”

by Ashley Zilka on January 2, 2011 at 10:49 am

One Zanesville family wakes up to a shocking discovery outside their home Sunday morning.

Jennifer Hopkins says her home, located on Center Drive in Zanesville, looked like a war zone when she went outside early this morning.  Hopkins says trees and bushes were taken out along with her mailbox being destroyed.  Her friend’s van, that was parked in the driveway overnight, had been damaged and pushed into the grass.  Both Jennifer and her husband, Tony Hopkins, say they followed the debris until they found a vacant Pontiac Grand Prix. 

"No blood in the car, I checked myself. Both airbags were deployed and there was glass from the back right passenger window from that window coming out. Somehow the half of the car was in good shape on his part but the rest of it was pretty much gone," said Jennifer  Hopkins.

Both Jennifer and Tony say crashes, such as this one, are a common occurance in their neighborhood.

"Across the street, our neighbors had a car come around the corner in the opposite direction and go up into their yard and luckily, hit a tree instead of their house. They got poles put up and of course this car took out two of those. I guess our house sometime in the past, before we ever bought it, actually had a car come through the window in the front. That’s the reason why there is stone instead of brick in that part of it," said Hopkins.

WHIZ was unable to reach the Zanesville Police Department for comment on the incident.