Fire Chief Dave Lacy Retires

by Ashley Zilka on January 25, 2011 at 6:17 am

Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy announced some big news today.  After 30 years with the Zanesville Fire Department, he is retiring.

The Zanesville Fire Department is about to face a major change after Chief Dave Lacy announced Tuesday that he will be retiring. Lacy says the job gets harder everyday and being able to do more with less is what it basically comes down to.  Lacy also says that after having 38 years in the pension system, he wants to get out before any changes are made.

"It just has been excellent. It’s been a fun time. It’s like a second family. I spent a lot of holidays there instead of spending them with my family. The comradery is great. Obviously, there is a little petty indifference sometimes, but overall, it has been a great experience. I have worked with a great number of people," said Chief Lacy. 

Assistant Chief Stemm found out today that he will be named interim fire chief.  When asked if he was ready to take on this roll, he said he had mixed feelings.

"Yes and no. I really haven’t thought about it and I really hadn’t planned it. I really didn’t expect the chief to retire so we will have to get with the mayor and safety director and move forward," said Stemm. 

Although Chief Lacy is officially retiring from the Zanesville Fire Department on Thursday, he says now he will volunteer at the fire department in his hometown.

"I plan to get very active with them again. That part of it is probably one of the biggest things is the fact that when you get firefighting in your blood, it’s hard to walk away from it. You just never do that," said Chief Lacy. 

Chief Lacy says the recent negative comments from several city councilmen have nothing to do with his decision to retire.  City Councilman David Tarbert says he applauds Chief Lacy for serving the city and putting his life in danger countless times. But now, he is looking forward to the future.

"I wish Chief Lacy the best of luck, but I am also excited about what this holds for the future for the fire department in Zanesville. If we can get that fire department, get the overtime down, and get the public and council and everybody back on board with the fire department…We are looking forward to working with the new chief whoever that may be in the long run," said Tarbert. 

Mayor Zwelling says Chief Lacy has been an outstanding fire chief and wishes him all the best.

"I have been to state safety director meetings with him. He is very highly regarded among his colleagues and among the fire chiefs of the state of Ohio. He has done a fantastic job for the people of the city of Zanesville and we are very sad today," said Mayor Zwelling. 

Chief Lacy says when looking to the future, he has no plans to re-employ himself anywhere at this time.