Flames Rip Through Zanesville Mobile Home

by Mark Bullion on January 23, 2011 at 2:40 am

Another fire destroys one Zanesville mobile home Saturday afternoon.

There is a common trend between winter and fires especially with temperatures in the single digits and residents using space heaters and kerosene to heat their homes. The Zanesville Fire Department was dispatched to a mobile home fire on Pine Street.

"We pulled in and just noticed the back trailer was smoking and another guy was walking from the side and we met in the middle and he said dude the whole bottom is on fire and I said I know and then we seen the cord to the torpedo heater and we pulled it out away from the trailer and busted out the window to make sure their wasn’t anybody in it," says eyewitness Lance Abrams.

A family had just begun to move things into to the home.The owner had put a turbo style heater under the trailer to thaw pipes before the family officially moved in. This is how the fire started .

"It was left unattended, you just can’t put those in something like that they’re an open combustion device. A trailer like this a fire will gut them pretty quick because there is just paneling and light materials inside," says Zanesville Assistant Fire Chief David Huey.

While it is still standing, the home is unlivable and the family lost just about everything.