Furloughs Officially Eliminated at Council Meeting

by Ashley Zilka on January 24, 2011 at 10:26 am

After reviewing the final carryover at the last city council meeting, Zanesville will be able to make up the 500,000 dollar shortfall, officially eliminating furloughs at tonight’s meeting.

City council voted tonight to rescind three furlough related ordinances.  The ordinances pertained to unaffiliate employees, Public Service Director Mike Sims, Public Safety Director Bob Brandford, and Council Clerk Vicki Friggins.

"What we did tonight is we rescinded that legislation from last year, those three pieces of legislation, so that we would not have to go ahead and give furloughs because we are not doing furloughs for anyone in the city at this point. As long as the budget holds out and the money situation stays good," said City Council President Daniel Vincent. 

Council had a second reading tonight on an ordinance authorizing the proper city offical to provide funds to the Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority for various expenses.

"Right now the council is supporting it. It will come up for third reading and passage at next meeting, and I personally hope that will pass. Port Authority has been excellent for our area as far as creating jobs and bringing in businesses. I think we need to continue that support because we definitely need jobs in our area," said Vincent. 

Council passed an ordinance authorizing funds to the Greater Muskingum Pro-Youth Coalition in support of its county-wide basketball program.  Fourth quarter crime statistics were also provided by the Zanesville Crime Stoppers Watch Program.