Grocery Stores in the Snow

by Leah Kirstein on January 10, 2011 at 6:06 am

At the sound of snow grocery stores see an increase in customers.  Since Pick and Save on Howard Street opened this morning it has had a steady flow of people preparing for the snow.

"Today they are buying about everything. It has been busy from the very beginning. We’ve actually had to add some help anticipating the mad rush after work" said Rich Daugherty, Store Manager.

When the store hears about a storm they try to anticipate what customers will need and they stock up. Daughtery suggests customers  pick up some basics.

"Of course the rock salt for the sidewalks and drive ways. Maybe a shovel or two. Most people are grabbing bread, milk, soups, anything that if they should be stuck in a day or two they have enough product in the house " said Daugherty.

Pick and Save rarely closes due to snow and plans on being opened tomorrow.