Honor to Be Honored

by Leah Kirstein on January 30, 2011 at 4:04 am

It is an honor to have your named placed on the wall of honor at Philo High School and that’s exactly what happened to 8 people this evening.

Eight people were inducted . Two inductees are deceased and their families attended the event in their honor. Over 200 people came to support the honorable citizens including those who nominated. The inductees have accomplished great things for the school district like raising $100,000 for the Philo stadium project or leaving a scholarship fund for students. Others donated their entire lives to enhancing learning within the district. Nominations for next years event are due by March 31. Tonight was the fifth annual inductee night.

Inductees for the Wall of Honor include: Albert Fitz, Fontella Imlay, Janeen Lichtner Lepp, Don Paisley, Shelby Smith, and Howard Wilson Jr. Those inducted to the Citizens Wall include: Don Graham, Glenn Williams.