Kids Hoop it Up on the Court

by Ashley Zilka on January 10, 2011 at 2:02 am

Kids across Southeast Ohio showcase their talent today as they hoop it up on the court.

The community came together today for the annual Dresden Basketball Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship. The event was open to all children ages 10 to 14. To change things up this year , the Dresden Knights of Columbus provided their own local youth shoot out for kids who did not make the age requirements. Financial Secretary Roy McCarty says one 6-year-old was quite the superstar.

"We asked any young kids that would like to shoot, and he shot up at the one line and he made one shot out of fifteen. He did a real good job, proud as the dickens," said McCarty. 

McCarty says around 15 kids participated this year and the winners of each age group received trophies. He says it is important to have events, like the free throw championship, because it provides youth activity for students in the winter.

"They get to see kids from all over the state and when they get to the state, they get a t-shirt and get to see a lot different kids from the state," said McCarty. 

Following today’s local competition, winners can advance to district, regional, and state finals.