Lacy’s Retirement Effective Tomorrow

by Ashley Zilka on January 26, 2011 at 5:47 am

After Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy announced his retirement yesterday, the fire department must move forward.

Because of his current position as Deputy Fire Chief, Craig Stemm will soon be the new interim fire chief.  Mayor Butch Zwelling says after talking with the civil service, they will be offering a test for the permanent fire chief position.

"There are three assistant chiefs, and a deputy chief, and one of the three existing assistant chiefs, Assisant Chief Burley, is going to retire, so I can think of two other assistant chiefs and Craig Stemm, the interim chief, who would be eligible to take that test," said Mayor Zwelling. 

Stemm could hold the title of interim fire chief for several months.  Whoever takes the test and receives the highest score will be named the next fire chief in the city of Zanesville.

"I have to get with civil service and find out exactly when they want to do that, but the interim chief can be chief for six months, so we expect to have it all done within that time period," said Mayor Zwelling. 

Fire Chief Dave Lacy’s retirement will be effective as of Thursday.