New Clerk of Court for Muskingum County

by Ashley Zilka on January 13, 2011 at 6:13 am

A new clerk will be taking over for the Muskingum County Court.

After Jackie Garber announced her retirement, the board of county commissioners, with concurrence of the county court judges, appointed Alma Tennent as the new Clerk of Court.  Garber has been working at the County Court for 16 years, and she says she has total confidence in Tennent.

"I think the new clerk is going to do a very good job. I am leaving her with a wonderful staff that has worked with me for many years so she’s got good people to work with, and I got a little bit of time to train her. I am sure she is going to do fine," said Garber. 

Garber says duties include being in charge of all the files for the criminal, traffic, and civil division, as well as, collection of all the fines and costs associated with those cases.  Incoming Clerk of Court Alma Tennent says for the last 19 years, she has served as clerk for Morgan County and that her experiences there will help with her new position.

"I am excited. I really am. I got a lot to give to the office and we have a great staff here so I’m real excited," said Tennent. 

Tennent will officially become the new Muskingum County Clerk of Court on February 1st.