OSU Extension Agency 2010 Update

by Mark Bullion on January 6, 2011 at 6:57 am

The Muskingum County OSU Extension Agency presented its 2010 update to the Muskingum County Commissioners today.

The research and education based program relies heavily on appropriations from the county which in turn effects how much state and federal funding it receives. The agency received 242,000 dollars from the county which turned in to an additional 115,000 dollars from the state and federal government. Extension Educator Mark Mechling explains the importance of having the agency in Muskingum County.

"The extension really adds to the quality of life here in Muskingum County. It’s very important for our agricultural industry which is the number one industry in the county. We’re able to provide research based unbiased information to the farmers of the county and then they are able to use that information to make their farms more profitable," says Mechling.

Mechling says the agency is in line on the state budget for this coming fiscal year but is not expecting any increase in funding for the program due to the strapped economy as well as the giant budget gap in Ohio’s State budget.