Perry County Launches REACT

by Mark Bullion on January 2, 2011 at 11:59 am

One Southeast Ohio County is helping to make a difference in the lives of its residents by using radio as a means of communication in assisting those with emergency situations.

Perry County has launched a nation wide emergency assistance program called REACT. React stands for Radio Emergency Associated Communication Team. REACT Team President Richard Follette says the volunteer based program responds to emergency situations people may encounter through the use of radio communications, more specifically, CB radios.

"Well if they have their CB, all they have to do is get on channel 9 and REACT team will answer and we will answer them if we hear them, " says Follette.

REACT assists local law enforcement with weather related conditions such as flooding, reporting down power lines, as well as alerting residents of possible severe weather along with other types of emergencies.

"We even go out and get gas if we have to or give them a jump start and stuff like that and they can always call us and we can contact the local authorities including the Sheriff’s Department, the Highway Patrol or the local police or fire department."

REACT helps people through a variety of radio mediums including hand radios, CB radios, GRMS radios as well as FRS radios. For more information, you can visit REACT’s web site at