Roses are Red.. and More Expensive

by Leah Kirstein on January 26, 2011 at 6:44 am

In Zanesville alone there are at least 5 florists all getting ready for the biggest day of the year – Valentines Day. Tons of orders come in and there is always walk-ins. So on this day the price of roses increases.

"Price of roses goes up to us and so we have to show that to the public at large because there is only a certain amount of flowers that are grown and it is a supply and demand issue" Gregory Orofino, Owner of Florafino’s Flower Market.

This year the prices could be even higher. Most flowers come from the west coast or South America. These areas have had bad weather issues that cause crops to fail.

"So people don’t realize that they are coming in a long distance and if they have bad weather in those areas their crops might fail and that makes the supply smaller and the prices higher ."

In the recession many growers have had to go out of business which also raises prices. Despite everything flower shops still expect orders.Flower shops across the country will get in hundreds and thousand of flowers it is the busiest day of the entire year.

With this flower shops have to make a profit. In other parts of the country the price of roses for a shop to order is between $60 – $90. Here they will not be as expensive and people can expect only roses to have a large price increase. There are other options for less expensive flowers.