Shady Day For Muskingum County

by Mark Bullion on January 19, 2011 at 6:57 am

The big talked about solar farm that was supposed to be housed here in Muskingum County will now be moving to Noble County.

Muskingum County Commissioner Brian Hill is dissapointed that the project is moving to Noble County. Hill says Turning Point Solar ultimately made the decision and that the county had no say in the move of the big project. He also says that just because the solar farm is moving, it doesn’t necessarily mean jobs will be lost. He is hoping for construction and manufacturing jobs to be held in Muskingum County.

"Those are where the long term jobs are and good paying jobs and well at least hope we get to make a proposal to and the company we’ve talked to about them about that that we at least want our chance to make a proposal and I think they’ll honor that," says Hill.

Hill says it was determined by engineers that the topography is better in Noble County and that it is also very close to the high tension electrical line which the farm would need.

"So that in essence will cost them less money and in the end hopefully cost less money to produce solar electricity that will be put on the grid for everyone to buy. "

Muskingum, Morgan, and Noble counties were all considered with Muskingum as the first choice before the move was made to change the project to Noble. Hill says it is unfortunate that it’s not directly located in the county but is glad the project is still moving forward.