The Postal Service Needs your Help

by Ashley Zilka on January 14, 2011 at 5:03 am

Snow and icy conditions can pose health hazards to your local mail carrier.

Zanesville Postmaster Steve Williams says the postal service is asking customers to help keep paths free of snow and ice for the safe delivery of mail.  Injuries of carriers increase during winter months, which in turn, take their toll on employees.

"Most of the time it is some kind of slip, typically an elbow injury or a hand injury, unfortunately every once in a while you have a head injury, but those are rare, these carriers have been here before and it’s not the first time we had a winter. They are pretty experienced, and they do a great job," said Williams.

Williams says by not clearing the route to your mailbox, you are not only making it inconvenient for the mail carriers but also yourself.

"If we were going out to deliver and we could not get to the address safely, we would just return with the mail and bring it back out the next day in hopes that it would be cleared by that day," said Williams. 

Williams says their major concern is for the safety of their employees, and customers can help limit these injuries by helping out.