Water Main Fixed on Pine; Roadway Closed Through Weekend

by Mark Bullion on January 14, 2011 at 5:53 am

A water main break closes a stretch of roadway in Zanesville for the weekend.

The break occured late yesterday afternoon off of Pine street between Muskingum and West Main. The force of the 8 inch pipe underground burst into the side of a sewer manhole. Zanesville City Public Service Director Mike Sims says while only two homes were affected, the water lost is quite substantial.

"In the duration of that in just a matter of a few hours, we lost 400 to 500 thousand gallons of water," says Sims.

Sims says the underground pipes in the city are brittle and can easily snap and break since the pipes are so old. He also says the weather can easily affect the pipes as well.

"This time of year we end up with a lot of breaks due to the freezing and thawing. Every time the ground thaws or freezes, it shifts the pipe a little bit. "

The water main is now fixed but the road will remain closed until Monday. Sims says to go northbound on Pine, make an eastbound turn onto Muskingum Avenue, then a right turn onto Luck to get back onto West Main.