Winter Wonderland for Kids

by Ashley Zilka on January 11, 2011 at 7:56 am

It seems everyone is handling the weather in their own way.

Today’s snow storm may have caused headaches for drivers, but to kids it was a dream come true.  D&D Bait Owner Darrell Gibbons says he doesn’t mind being outside and his first priority is keeping his customers safe.

"I had to come out and shovel the snow. I had to make sure I got the snow off my sidewalks for the business so nobody falls," said Gibbons. 

Retired Zanesville Street Department employee Jack Smith is no stranger to the slick roads.  He says plowing the roads has come a second nature to him, and he enjoys that this activity keeps him busy.

"Just playing…I help the senior citizens. I plow their lots for them and stuff. Do a few other people that can’t get around and help them out," said Smith. 

Many people are busy shoveling their driveways and plowing the roads, but to area kids, there’s nothing better than a snow day.

"Make snow angels, we throw snowballs, and we went sledding. She can’t feel her legs," said local area student Karissa Ransom. 

With today’s continuous snowfall, kids are hoping for more and more snow so their schools will be canceled tomorrow.