Carolyn Fleegle

2nd Inmate Death at Licking County Jail

by Carolyn Fleegle on February 1, 2011 at 5:14 am

The Licking County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of another jail inmate.

Sheriff Randy Thorp says 28-year-old Quichea Lewis of  Newark died Tuesday morning after attempting suicide by asphyxia in her cell.

Lewis was serving a five year sentence for aggravated robbery.

 Thorp says Lewis had given no indication to staff or other inmates that she was contemplating a suicide attempt.

On Saturday, deputies found 47-year-old Torin Dickie of Newark dead in his cell of an apparent suicide.

Sheriff Thorp says prior to these two incidents the last successful suicide in the Licking County Jail was in September 2003.

He says the Ohio Bureau of Adult Detention will be performing an independent review of both incidents.