Boil Advisory Causes Headaches For Businesses

by Mark Bullion on February 16, 2011 at 5:39 am

The South Zanesville boil alert is causing some problems for Village businesses.

WHIZ talked to the South Zanesville Subway to see how the water problem is affecting business. Besides not being able to sell fountain drinks or soup, washing hands also becomes an issue.

"Normally your water has to be a certain degrees so it doesn’t affect your hands and then we have to get sanitized wipes from Sam’s Club. More of an expense to us of course," said Jennifer Mccort, Zanesville Subway District Manager.

Subway also had to purchase cans of soda for customers since fountain pop machines use tap water.

"We don’t have any ice either. You can’t turn the machine on and fill it with ice because the water is still making the ice so we can’t sell the ice," said Mccort.

The boil advisory is expected to be lifted sometime tomorrow pending test results. The problem started after an excess iron build up at the Village’s water plant.