Business Professionals of America

by Brittany Harris on February 10, 2011 at 9:21 am

Local students had the chance to show off their academic skills Thursday night.

The Business Professionals of America Region 5 competition was held at Mid-East Career and Technology Center in Zanesville. More than 130 students from eight area schools competed in a variety of categories including broadcast news, public speaking, and computer animation.

Jimmy Luzer, Spencer Robins, and Kirk Piatt were among those participating.

"We are originally a group together, we make our videos usually in a group at school for a project or anything," said Participant Jimmy Luzer.

All of the boys said they’d like to work in the video game industry one day.

Teacher and Advisor for B.P.A Sue Lake said Mid-East is unique in the fact that it’s an alternative setting to a traditional high school and gives students an opportunity to focus on they really want to do.

"You either get a head start on a career or a head start on wait a minute I think I want to go another way and I think that that helps students out," said Lake.

The winners will be announced next Monday. The state competion will be held in Columbus and the national competition in Washington D.C.