Council Postpones Contract Talks; City Budget Released

by Mark Bullion on February 28, 2011 at 11:06 am

With budget concerns on the forefront, Zanesville City Council tabled a contract for some police employees.

Last Council meeting, the city’s three police captains contract was turned down. Monday, they postponed the review of the police secretaries and records clerks contract until next council meeting.

"With Senate Bill 5 coming up to the Senate floor next week, we don’t want to lock ourselves into a 3 year contract when their could potentially be other issues that are addressed in these,"
said Councilman Andrew Roberts.

Another issue that had Roberts concerned, impacting the city budget, was Z-bus. Roberts says Z-bus owes the city money in fuel costs and are three to four months late on payment.

"I want to see their finances and see what kind of financial health they are in. The city right now is running on a shoestring and for us to continue to give somebody money, I just want to see what their finances are so if they are flush, then maybe we could cut that subsidy and save some money. "

The initial budget report was also released Monday. Further discussions will take place at upcoming City Council meetings before the April 1st deadline.

In other council news, an ordinance was passed allowing officials to bid out the Canal Street storm sewer which is at an estimated cost of 225,000 dollars.