Council Pushes Budget Back; Talks Contracts And Wages

by Mark Bullion on February 14, 2011 at 9:55 am

Zanesville City Council pushed budget talks back and talked more on contracts and wages for several city workers Monday night.

While the April First budget deadline for the city is slowly approaching, Council passed a first reading on the matter with no comment. Council; however, did not pass an ordinance regarding wages and employment to the city’s three police captains. City Council President Dan Vincent said Council still had some questions and concerns about the matter.

"Couple people concerned on council as far as insurance coverage and looking to the future is kind of the big concern. Where will we be one year from now, two years from now, three years from now and it was brought up again about looking at instead of three year contracts, doing one year contracts," said Vincent.

Vincent said while doing one year contracts can be beneficial to the city and its workers, he does not think it will work because of time consuming negotiations with unions.

"If we’re in good financial shape, great. Renegotiating, then we can do better as far as raises and things like that. If things aren’t so good, we need to look at that, we need to stay and keep our budget balanced and live within our means and we also need to be concerned about providing enough service to the community," said Vincent.

Vincent said he has confidence council will revisit, discuss, and hopefully pass the legislation at the next City Council meeting.

In other Council news, an ordinance also passed Monday authorizing the city to apply for grant funding through the FAA for taxiway improvements at the Zanesville Municipal Airport.