‘Day of Dance’ Offers Free Heart Screenings; Entertainment

by Mark Bullion on February 21, 2011 at 6:17 am

Looking for a fun weekend activity while learning about your overall health? The 5th annual Day of Dance event may have the answer for you.

Sponsored by the Spirit of Women program, the Day of Dance at the Colony Square Mall offers residents a chance to learn about heart health and free heart screenings while of course, having a little bit of fun.

“We provide education but then we also try to bring that fun component in so that we can show individuals that they can remain healthy and in this particular event, heart healthy while they are learning about how to better do that, and they can do that in a fun way,” said Sharon Parker, Spirit of Women Representative.

Parker says those wishing to get tested to not eat or drink 5 hours prior to testing to ensure accurate results.

“What we’re drawing is a lipid and a glucose profile for them at that point in time. Then we also have blood pressure screening, we have body mass index just to see how healthy they are with their current weight,” said Parker.

Parker encourages those who want to attend the event to pre-register by calling 740-455-4949. The event runs Saturday from 8 a-m until 1 p-m.