Democratic Party Endorses Tilton for Mayor

by Mark Bullion on February 17, 2011 at 10:45 am

The Muskingum County Democratic Party has officially endorsed their candidate for Zanesville mayor.

Zanesville City Councilman Jeff Tilton will be running on the democratic ticket. Tilton brings 7.5 years of council experience to the table and he thinks he has what it takes to be mayor for the city of Zanesville.

"I’ve been on the budget committee for the last two years and we’ve made big changes in the way city hall looks at each other. We’ve had better communication within city hall now with the treasurer and the auditor and the budget and finance person and I think there should be a lot more of that going on," said Tilton.

Tilton plans on reaching out to his voters the way he has always done in the past.

"Hands on, out talking to people, door to door, whatever it takes. I’m a people person and I love talking to people and I will continue that," said Tilton.

Tilton will be running against Republican candidate Rob Sharrer for the position.