Getting to School Safely

by Brittany Harris on February 7, 2011 at 5:50 am

Crossing the street has now been made even safer for some area students in Zanesville.

In a joint effort with the city, Zane Grey Elementary School has finished the installment of a new traffic signal and cross walk on Pine Street. Over 700 students attend the school and a majority of them walk daily, so the administration felt it was important for them to get home safely.

"The issue was before that we would see kids try to sneak across the street while traffic is coming with no light there and they would just run across," said Principal of Zane Gray Jeff Moore.

He said before, students would have to walk up to Pershing Road and Eppley Avenue to cross Pine Street, which for many was out of their way. He hopes that now the new light will help with congested traffic.

Construction Liaison Darrell Lear, who passed away in January, was heavily involved in launching this project.

"He was a big part of this, getting this started, along with several of the administration, but Darrell lived in this area and he thought a lot of the kids in the area," said Fred Buck with the Traffic Signals Department.

All of the materials and supplies used have been refurbished by the city to help save on costs. The lines will be painted on the roadway as soon as the weather breaks.