Honoring Fire Chief Dave Lacy

by Brittany Harris on February 18, 2011 at 6:05 am

Firefighters from around Ohio traveled in to honor former Fire Chief Dave Lacy of Zanesville Friday afternoon.

The Fire Chiefs Association and Union honored him after he announced his retirement last month. He said while he’s sad to leave the fire department, which has become his second family, he’ll always be a firefighter no matter what.

"It just means that once you get that in your blood until you become incapacitated and can’t do it anymore, you still have that urge to still want to put fires out, rescue people and do things like that," said Chief Lacy.

He served more than 30 years with the Zanesville Fire Department. Those who know him said he will be greatly missed and that they enjoyed working with him.

"He’ll be very sadly missed, we always look to the future but Chief Lacy’s done a lot of stuff here for the Zanesville Fire Department for the firefighters and the community," said President of Local 88 Zanesville Firefighters Trevor Meek.

Chief Lacy will volunteer for the fire department in his hometown. Craig Stemm was named interim fire chief while the city tests for a permanent replacement.