Meeting the Needs of Muskingum County

by Brittany Harris on February 24, 2011 at 6:50 am

Muskingum County Commissioners are seeking financial support for several area projects.

Kent Moore, a field representative for U.S. Senator Rob Portman stopped by the commissioner’s office on Thursday afternoon to introduce himself and to also discuss any concerns the officials may be dealing with.

"Water and sewer are our main issues when we deal with infrastructure, laying new sewer lines, new water lines," said Commissioner Jerry Lavy.

He said with such tough economic times, grants are especially important to help subsidize some of the costs.

"If you have a two or three million dollar project and you can get half of that paid for or all of it paid for that’s definitely a plus in our favor," he said.

The commissioners are currently figuring out their budget for 2011 and are expected to have it finalized by the end of next week.