Mid-East to Consider Leasing ZCS Building

by Mark Bullion on February 24, 2011 at 5:14 am

The Mid-East Board of Education begins talks of leasing a school building from Zanesville City Schools.

Because Mid-East will undergo around 47 million dollars in renovations beginning with its adult education building in the fall, the 40,000 square foot Rufus Putnam building on Moxahala Avenue owned by Zanesville City Schools could soon become the temporary adult education building for Mid-East.

"This is the best one we came up with. I think it will be a smooth transition. Again, because it’s large enough to accommodate all of our needs from that one building," said William Bussey, Mid-East Superintendent.

Bussey said part of the funding to lease the building would come from the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

"There’s 500,000 dollars built into the budget for that. Obviously, with everything else we’ll need to do with swing space, it will go over that budget but that will have to come out of our general fund," said Bussey.

Bussey is confident the lease will go through between Mid-East and ZCS. He says he hopes to have the building by July 1st of this year. Once minor renovations are made and more parking is added, he hopes to begin moving in to the building in August. The entire renovation and construction project is expected to be completed summer of 2014.