Over a Dozen Animals Removed From Roseville Home

by Mark Bullion on February 11, 2011 at 3:17 am

     Animal abuse. It’s a problem that is seen in every part of our country. From hoarding to neglect and ultimately death. The same is held true in one Perry County home until today. WHIZ’s Mark Bullion has the story. Click on the video link on the left to watch the full story.

Dogs barking inside and outside a Roseville home live a different kind of life. One that is a dismal reminder of what animal owners are capable of doing.

But dogs aren’t the only problem at 10493 Township Road 57. Horses are also in danger as several of them are severely underweight. Humane Society Officer John Price said there have been many complaints about this particular residence.

"Every time I’ve been out here there’s either been no water or dirty water. And when I initially came out here there was horse feces in the water tank," said Price.

The Perry County Humane Society  conducted a search warrant to remove all the animals from the property Thursday. According to Price, the property owner is believed to be the person responsible for the animals. Price said most of the dogs at the home are believed to be underweight and if the animals are not receiving veterinary care, he says it’s a safe bet they are all carrying intestinal parasites which can contribute to weight loss but the main reason is not being fed properly.

"When you’re in that situation, you’re immuned to it, you don’t realize it. I know you can’t even walk to the front door and you smell it," said Tabitha Hamilton, neighbor.

"Once we seize all the animals, get veterinary exams of all the animals and collect our evidence, we’re going to see about pressing charges against them," said Price.

According to Price, 10 dogs were taken from the home as well as three horses, all of which will be going to Painted Acres Rescue in Vinton County.

It’s unclear where all the dogs will exactly be taken. For Perry County, Humane Society President Beverly Bolar says it has been a huge and ongoing problem.

"It’s sad. It’s very sad. It makes you sick some of the cruelty that we’ve seen. It has to make you sick," said Bolar.

But in the end, a bit of good news to report.

"It warmed me to see that the animals are being taken care of finally," said Hamilton.

The horses need your help. The Perry County Humane Society is asking for food donations including grain, hay and straw. They will also accept monetary donations. You can call the Humane Society at 740-347-4233.