Perry County Woman Faces Animal Abuse Charges

by Brittany Harris on February 17, 2011 at 11:44 am

Malnourished and neglected are just two of the ways Veterinarian Brian Williams described the animals discovered at Cindy Boyce’s home on Township Road 57. Five horses and ten dogs were removed from the property last week after an on-going investigation led Humane Society Officer John Price to execute a search warrant.

"I’m working hand in hand with the humane society to make sure that this lady takes responsibility for these actions and that these animals are getting the best care that they can to get out of this situation," said Dr. Brian Williams.

Dr. Williams has completed full-exams on all of the animals. Two of the dogs have behavioral issues, another has a knee injury requiring surgery, and the other two are Heartworm positive which can be life-threatening. He is optimistic that they can all recover. The horses however, are a different story, one had to be euthanized due to its severe leg injury and overall health condition.

"We’ll get them to a fostering facility, where they’re getting taken care of and getting cleaned up and getting fed on a regular basis and get them gaining weight again," said Dr. Williams.

Boyce is facing up to 15 counts of animal cruelty and if convicted could serve three years in prison.

"With animal cruelty, the cases are prosecuted as a misdemeanor and I think personally that’s a little relaxed. I’d like to see stiffer fines, stiffer penalties,and a lot more focus on helping humane societies do their job," said Humane Society Officer John Price.

Price said Boyce will also be legally responsible for all of the medical expenses involved and will make certain she doesn’t get any of the animals back. He said he doesn’t think she realizes the severity of her actions, but is hoping she’ll get the help she needs.