Portions of Maple Avenue To Receive Facelift

by Mark Bullion on February 7, 2011 at 8:18 am

Maple Avenue is a road bustling with business. But it’s also an insurance agent’s dream as hundreds of crashes happen on the four mile stretch of road way each year. WHIZ’s Mark Bullion takes an in depth look at what the Ohio Department of Transportation is doing to help curb the amount of accidents on the road. Click the video link on the left to view the full story.

"The side of the roads are really bumpy and sometimes you feel like you’re going to hit other cars," says Maple Ave Motorist Haleigh Phillips.

There’s no doubt Maple Avenue is the main drag here in the Y-city. But it’s also a drag on motorists with hundreds of crashes each year making it consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous roads in the state of Ohio.

"I usually take the backroads because I can probably save a good sometimes at least ten minutes getting through the lights," said Dan Amich, Maple Avenue motorist.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has installed medians on certain portions of the nearly four mile stretch, but is it enough?

"The medians that were put in place were trying to prevent the most severe type of accident which is an angle accident ," said Julie Gwinn, with ODOT District 5.

It’s estimated that 452 crashes happen on the road each year. That makes for 1.2 a day. So what’s ODOT doing about it?

"We do have another project coming up in 2013. The project is actually covering two different locations. One is in front of Genesis Hospital. The other one’s at Dresden and Brown at Maple Avenue," said Gwinn.

She says the hospital project would involve closing the Balls Lane access then recreating a new access directly across from the hospital. The Dresden Brown project involves re-aligning Dresden Road to meet across from Brown Street where the current two traffic signals would be replaced with one.

"That’s a fiscal 2013 project and it’s about a 2.5 million dollar job," added Gwinn.

She says it’s too soon to see if the already existing medians are helping to reduce the amount of crashes. But time will tell if these new safety measures will help the traffic infused roadway.

"It’s just years of dealing with it. I’ve just learned how to work around it," said Amich.

The new and soon to be improved Maple Avenue. Coming to your tire treads in 2013.