Prescription Drug Abuse

by Brittany Harris on February 9, 2011 at 4:35 am

Ohio’s New Attorney General is taking a tough stance against the abuse of prescription medication.

Mike Dewine is planning to work with local law enforcement agencies and the state medical board to prevent prescription drug abuse. It’s currently the leading cause of accidental death here in Ohio. Dewine is introducing the proposal after house lawmakers passed legislation to limit doctors ability to disperse controlled substances like painkillers. 

Muskingum County Behavioral Health Drug and Alcohol Counselor Steve Carrel said it’s a growing problem.

"The availability in the open market if you will of painkillers, people sharing pain pills, people selling their pain pills, people stealing pain pills from other people, the availability right now for pain medication is huge," said Carrel.

He said pain management clinics are nothing more than "pill mills", doling out medications to patients who don’t necessarily need them and believes they should be shut down. He said while Dewine’s proposal combats drug abuse, it doesn’t offer a treatment plan.

"If you have a person who develops an addiction to a drug and you take that drug away, they’re going to more often than not because of the addiction are going to find a substitute for that."

If you or someone you know is showing signs of addiction, you can contact Muskingum County Behavioral Health for assistance at (740) 454-1266.

For proper ways to dispose of pain medications you can visit: