Seized Drug Money Given to ZPD

by Brittany Harris on February 23, 2011 at 4:31 am

The Zanesville Police Department is receiving a share of money seized from a 2008 federal drug case that happened in Pataskala.

Police Chief Eric Lambes said Donald Dailey Jr. was involved in the trading of marijuana across state lines. He said information recovered through some local dealers helped get Dailey arrested. During the investigation, over five million dollars was seized from his home. The ZPD recieved $385,336.60 of that money for their efforts in the case.

"All funds that are seized are split and than the US Attorneys Office basically with the IRS investigators they kind of evaluate every departments involvement and then they come up with a percentage," said Chief Lambes.

He said a large portion of the money will go towards upgrading their radio system since a federal mandate requires them to change their frequency by 2013.

The chief said it’s nice to be rewarded, "this shows the taxpayers that yeah the drug officers are out there working and were working big cases and they’re making big dents in drug trade."

Three homes were also seized during the investigation along with several cars. He said once the government liquidates those assets, about $90,000 of the proceeds will be given to the department.