Nichole Hannahs

Senate Panel Votes on Calamity Days

by Nichole Hannahs on February 23, 2011 at 4:00 am

A senate panel gives its approval to a bill that would allow schools to miss five days each year for bad weather and other emergencies.

The bill now goes to the full senate and if approved would move to the Ohio House. Zanesville City Schools just missed their fifth day Tuesday.

"Around here nobody has really been upset we went from 5 to 3," said Coordinator of Operations and Student Services Kevin Appleman. "It’s just the way it is and we just deal with it. If they give it back to us okay. It’s fine. Once again, it’s important to have students in school."

If the district must make up the two days they are over, they’ll do so at the end of the school year. Right now the district hasn’t had to rearrange any schedules do to snow.

"We’re still on target," said Appleman. "We have testing for the OGT’s coming up in March, so we’re trying to make sure we get the students ready for that."

You can track how many days the school has missed and when make up days will take place by visiting the Zanesville City School District’s website.