“Spunky” Hits Animal Shelter Spotlight

by Mark Bullion on February 11, 2011 at 5:01 am

If you’re looking for a furry friend to join your home, the animal shelter in Muskingum County may hold the answer for you.

This week’s pet is Spunky. He’s a six-month-old Jack Russell Terrier looking to be adopted into a new and loving home. Spunky has been at the animal shelter in Muskingum County for about three weeks now.

"He’s a pretty active little guy. Seems to get along well with everything. I think he would do well in an active home with kids. Seems to be pretty energetic but also I think he’d blend in in just about any home," said Larry Hostetler, animal shelter of Muskingum County.

If you are not able to adopt spunky or other shelter animals but still want to help, the shelter is always looking for donations.

"We always can use puppy and kitten food. Most of the food donations we get are for our dogs, so we don’t have a lot of puppy and kitten food so we’re always in need of that," said Hostetler.

A reminder that the shelter is still adopting six month and older cats out for 20 dollars. To contact the animal shelter, you can visit www.animalsheltersociety.org