Training for the Future

by Brittany Harris on February 16, 2011 at 6:40 am

A local school is receiving a donation that will ultimately help future firefighters in our area.

Rockies Express Pipeline donated a connex to Mid-East Career Center Wednesday morning. It will be used as a training simulator for students in the fire program.

"We’ve had a long term relationship with them since they have been doing the pipeline work in the community so they’ve made donations to our high school and it was a logical extension for them to help our fire program with this donation," said Mid-East Director Robert Guentter.

Fire Training Coordinator Eric Waltemire said this will be used as another tool for learning. With it now conveniently located on the Mid-East campus, the students won’t have to travel as far for training exercises.

"We have to travel 50 miles to do any live fire training now as it stands this will give us an opportunity to have a fire behavior lab," said Waltemire.

The lab will teach the students how to extinguish small fires, learn nozzle patterns, and study flash overs.