Nichole Hannahs

Winter Weather Proves Profitable

by Nichole Hannahs on February 22, 2011 at 11:52 am

Winter weather is causing more than a few cars to slip and slide on area roadways and in some cases crash.

And if your car is damaged due to an accident that’s where a collision repair shop comes to the rescue. Each week Southside Collision can see between 15-20 cars, which believe it or not is slow for the winter time.

The shop’s manager said most of the damage they see comes from cars being rear ended or sliding off the roadways. The average repair could take 3-4 weeks and cost thousands.

"Majority is parts," said Manger Don Pickinpaugh. "Parts are really expensive anymore. They do have after market parts out there that make a car cheaper, but most insurance companies won’t use after market parts and they either go with used or new."

To put it in perspective a car that hits a deer is looking at an average of $3,500 in damage while a car that is rear ended and hits another vehicle could see repairs cost from $4,000 or higher. Airbag replacements can cost at least $2,000 and you’re looking  at a higher total if you hit a guardrail.

"Damage to front bumpers, fenders, quarters, wheels, suspension," said Pickinpaugh. "You have some axle damage and paint of course."

Pickinpaugh said that insurance companies try their best to keep a car from being ruled totaled but if you drive an older car it’s more likely to be ruled totaled than a new vehicle.