World War II Veteran Speaks Out

by Leah Kirstein on February 23, 2011 at 6:48 am

Students at the Mid-east Career and Technology Center learned about World War II from a man who was there.

Dante Toneguzzo is part of what has become the "greatest generation of men and women who literally save the world".

The 88-year old is proud to be a veteran and shared stories with students .

"I like to instill into the kids what our country is for. We have a nice country. We are free. Nobody tells you what to do if you don’t want it. It is just something that you can’t buy," said Toneguzzo.

Toneguzzo was at D-day, was the first to land in Germany for Operation Varsity  and fought in Battle of the Bulge. He feels we live in a good country but, there are problems with what is going on  in the Middle East.

"I don’t believe in what they are doing but, what are you going to do. We got to go with the President . He chose to do that but, I don’t… I don’t like what’s going on, " said Toneguzzo.

Toneguzzo earned a Distinguished Service Cross for storming two German pill boxes, killing the enemy and saving troop members. He says he just did what he had to do.